agnate, The World's best diaper bag for dads (and moms) since September 2014

agnate is the best bag for dads and their babies, and/or kids, designed by a sociologist and his son. Sociologist Dr. Kato Kosei had been searching a nice bag to nursing his son for years, but he couldn't find one.

One day, he decided to design and sell it by himself. Thus, he quit his part-time job teaching at a university and started to draw sketches of his dream bag.
Six months later, the first proto-type appeared.He thought it had big potential.
In February of 2014, the second proto-type of agnate (now used by his wife daily) was made. This was truly a great one.
On October 1, 2014, a dark-grey/vermillion version of agnate was launched under his brand, TRICKS.

FATHER and SON became the design team

Dr. Kato and his son in age 6, together designed the bag.


Dr. Kato uses his knowledge about sociology to design the bag. He did many fieldworks, interviews and create his own design concept "Stratified Storage Structure".



agnate is manufactured at 上海薇鋒工貿有限公司 in Shanghai. 


We checked that the factory is NOT sweatshop and is NEVER uses children. agnate is fair trade item.


Outer cloth:Invista Cordura 335HP water repellent Polyester 

Inner cloth:420denier polyester oxford cloth

Fastner:YKK aquaguard water repellent fastner

dimension:width 370mm(500mm with two bottles)、height 270mm (325mm with handle)、thickness 120mm

weight:720g with original strap

designer: Dr. Kato Kosei + Okuno Tetsuya (T-BOARD)


Where to buy?

agnate original diaper bag

The world's best bag for dad and his baby/kid. Needless to say, this is also best for moms!


We can ship this abroad by EMS 


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Our Ambassador Chloe Wu

Chloe Wu was one of the best students of Dr. Kato at Rikkyo University, Tokyo.


She moved to LA to pursue her dream in acting in 2015.


She graduated The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2016. Recently she appeared as Elizabeth Shelley in the prestigious South Coast Repartory's 37th's annual production of "A Christmas Carol"